Cancelling Postini to use Google Apps

** Update 12/3/2012 **

It only took a few days, the domain was released from Postini and we were up and running on GApps in no time. Some things to I learned when we migrated from Exchange to Google Apps….

  1. You cannot attach documents from outlook on meeting notices
  2. Group emails do not get sent to to the sender, even if they are on the distribution list
  3. Not having to maintain an Exchange server is worth it

** End Update **


After trying to signup for Google Apps and being denied because of an existing Postini account we use on this domain for message filtering I began to do some homework.  It turns out, if you have a Postini account you need to cancel that account before you can sign up the domain for Google Apps, lets not forget though, Postini is a Google product.

I completed the online support ticket to cancel the account and then searched around for some more information on how long this takes.

Which lead me to the Google Postini product forum (!topic/postini/UqpJ5rB9GOA[1-25]) some users are claiming this process can take 60+ days…

Despite being contacted by a Google representative to send in a Letter of Authorization (which I did) shortly after my online support request, I’m not convinced this will be an expeditious process, which is surprising because we don’t get a refund (message filtering is already built into Google Apps) and we are signing up for additional services, it’s a win-win for Google.

Hopefully we will be pleasantly surprised and our domain will be released this week.  Exchange 2010 is a great improvement from 2007/2003 but without a dedicated Exchange admin and an IT staff already taxed to capacity, moving this service to the cloud is long overdue.

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