Litecoin mining with EVGA GeForce GTX 750 Ti Superclocked

The recent release of the Nvidia GeForce GTX 750 Ti, to be had for around $150 with a very low power draw is an interesting option for Litecoin mining.  I purchased two the Superclocked EVGA Nvidia GeForce GTX 750 Ti for $149/ from Newegg (02G-P4-3753-KR)) the Superclock is just a slight boost from the factory but I OC them a little more.

My setup:
ASUS M5A97 R2.0 AM3+
AMD Sempron 145 Processor
EVGA GeForce GTX 750 Ti (x2)
Corsair Builder Series CX 600 Watt (600W is ample for this setup)
Current Performance = 610 khash/s

This is setup with the latest Cudaminer, read all about it here –

I’m currently getting ~306khps stable per card, my setup is below.  I am running a +100Mhz offset on the GPU (in addition to the stock Superclock) and +550Mhz Mem offset, i’m still playing with these but this has been running solid for ~6 hours, we’ll see, of notice, this card runs cool, @ 59c and I don’t even hear either one of them.

I have not tweak the individual cards yet so the settings are sync’d, both are running stable at 1250+mhz, I have not upped the voltage.

gpu 1

EVGA GeForce 750 Ti Litecoin performance (GPU 1)

And GPU 2

EVGA GeForce 750 Ti Litecoin performance

EVGA GeForce 750 Ti Litecoin performance (GPU 2)


Alright, now for the results…. Cudaminer was launched with

cudaminer.exe -s 10 -o stratum+tcp:// -u username -p x -l T5x24 -i 0 -C 1

EVGA 750 Ti Final

As you can see, these cards are steadily pulling a combined 610+ khash/s, generating almost no noise in the process (as opposed to my 5770’s in another box) and using oh so little power, but i’m not going to dive into the pawer draw of this, these guys have already done that here (

So far, this card does not disappoint, and even with interactive turned off I have no problems using the computer, in fact i’m blogging from it right now.

HL7 Listener & Router

I was in the market for a stand-alone HL7 listener (incoming messages) and router (outgoing messages) for a patient check-in app we had been working on, my needs were simple, send an ADT message with some key patient identifiers collected at the kiosk and listen for the response with all of the demographic/insurance data I needed to present for verification. At the end of this transaction we needed to send a message with the appointment status change. There seems to be no shortage of available products in the market right now and one of them was recommended to me, HermeTech ( and their EasyHL7 product line.

The products are sold separately for $300 or bundled for $500 (if you can find the right page), there are other bundles available that look worth investigating. The highlights of this particular app include

  • Ability to run as a system service
  • Included service monitor (real-time stats)
  • Simulator for testing
  • Easy setup with intuitive graphical user interface


So if your in the market for a quick to deploy HL7 listener/router I would suggest looking at Hermetech, my conversation with their support line was great and informative while I was doing my preliminary research.


EC2 pricing for Windows Server 2008 & SQL Server Standard….is it worth it?

My Heavy Utilization Reserved Medium-sized SQL Server Standard instance on AWS is currently running to the tune of $0.279 per instance hour, after the upfront $1,620.00 not including EBS storage and snapshots (bandwidth is a non-issue as this is only accessible to other AWS instances).

I had no choice (and it made sense) but to purchase a reserved instance given what Amazon is charging for standard SQL Server instances ($0.744 per/instance hour), well, that and in any case I needed it running 24/7.

Considering I am tied to SQL Server I need to look at some alternatives to AWS, it was a nice way to bridge a gap and quickly migrate after acquiring a new application but when the year is up, the viability of this AWS product is going to be scrutinized.